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In addition to LCA software development, the tech department in Solid Forest specialises in implementing software and hardware turnkey solutions. The projects undertaken make us a multisectoral team with a high technical profile.

Since the beginning, the sustainability department in Solid Forest has a very high profile in the interpretation and calculation of environmental impacts related to products and companies via Life Cycle Assessment and calculation of environmental indicators such us the Carbon Footprint, Water Footprint and Environmental Footprint.

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Carbon Footprint calculation

We help companies to calculate the Carbon Footprint value of products, services and organisations.

Discovering the environmental performance of a product or activity is the first step reducing them and improving in sustainability. We have vast experience in dealing with calculation of GHG emission, Life Cycle Assessment, Environmental Footprint, Carbon Footprint and Water Footprint.

Environmental services

Environmental performance analysis

In collaboration with Fundación Vida Sosteniblewe certify the environmental performance of products and organizations through Life Cycle Assessment following the European Commission proposal. These studies will give you the possibility to obtain the Environmental Footprint FVS quality seal.

Mitigation projects

We help organisations during the evaluation, processing and monitoring of the Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM) projects, Joint Implementation (JI), and REDD+ projects. In Spain we have also implemented Clima project for reduction of GHG emissions

Corporate Social Responsibility

Solid Forest helps companies to add to their corporate social responsibility documentation the principles and recommendations of ISO 26000 standard. This allows organisations to demonstrate their commitment to Social Responsibility.

Environmental training

Since 2010 Solid Forest have been teaching how to evaluate and analyse environmental performance: Carbon Footprint, Water Footprint, Environmental Footprint and LCA. We can also develope customized online e-learning platforms.

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Technological services

Software development

With the most modern development tools, data bases integration and graphical interfaces, our analyts and programmers study your necesities to develope customized software tools. We ofert our cutomers all they need to start selling the new software tool: Licence management tools, upgrades management, mantenance and hosting.
Case study: SOS Customer

Manufacturing industry systems

Our engineers in collaboration with our developers provide solutions for new industrial projects: technical consultancy , surveying , installation and commissioning of the project, ets. Solid Forest can be your technological support for the implementation of projects wich combine software and hardware solution to integrate yo improve the industrial production.
Case of study: ArcelorMittal

Broadcasting engineering

Dozens of producers and television networks, both national and regional and local level have entrusted their projects to our engineers. We offer complete engineering solutions in the Professional Broadcast sector: from the preparation of the draft, planimetry and installation.
Case of study: RTVE

Solid Forest creciendo

Experiencia Solid Forest

years of experience

Solid Forest was founded in 2009, but our team has more that 15 years of experience in industrial, broadcasting, environmental projects and software development.

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We have developed project in countries like Argentina, Holand, Rwanda, Honduras or Hong-Kong, among others.