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Customised training projects

Based on an online/in-person training schedule, Solid Forest offers specialised environmental training courses. Our courses are tailored to user´s preferences, and we can also organise courses for groups and companies.

With this philosophy in mind, the trainer is always in communication with the students throughout the training course, with the possibility of access to the student’s computer.

These are our courses:

  • Carbon Footprint expert (6 hours online)

    Basic and advanced climate change concepts, Carbon Footprint calculation and methodologies, ISO 14067, ISO 14064, PAS 2050 y GHG Protocol. Advanced case studies for Carbono Footprint calculation of products and companies using Air.e LCA.

  • Water Footprint expert (6 hours online)

    Advanced study of Water Footprint methodologies: ISO 14046 and Water Footprint Standard. Real examples of Water Footprint calculation of products and companies using Air.e LCA.

  • Life Cycling Assessment and Environmental Footprint expert (8 hours online)

    Study of basic and advanced concepts regarding Life Cycle Assessment methodologies: ISO 14040 y 14044. Eco-design. New Environmental Footprint developed by the European Commision. How to comunicate environmental impacts. Examples of real Life Cycle Assessment analysis using Air.e LCA.

Some of our training projects:

in-Company training

The company experience over many years in the field of training allows us to offer tailored courses. Our expecialities are: climate change adaptation and mitigation, sustainability policies, Environmental Footprint, Carbon Footprint, Water Footprint and Life Cycle Assessment LCA for eco-design and environmental performance analysis.

We can also develope new e-learning platforms or integrate existing ones in you backoffice system.

Air.e HdC and Air.e LCA courses

Air.e LCA includes many professional features. Air.e HdC and Air.e LCA have a complete user manual but, if the user wants to learn more about all the added values of the software we offer advanced training courses, on-line or on-site.