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  • Software for Life Cycle Assessment. Background
    Professional Software for Life Cycle Assessment
    Environmental, Water and Carbon Footprint calculation
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  • Technical and envimonmental consultancy
    Calculate the environmental impact
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    We are specialized in improving products sustainability by analyzing their environmental performance.
    We develop software solutions for Life Cycle Assessment, Environmental Product Declarations, Carbon Footprint, Water Footprint...
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Air.e LCA is our software solution for Life Cycle Assessment . Air.e LCA enables you to calculate the environmental behavior of products and organisations. Air.e HdC is our software tool for Carbon Footprint calculation.

With Air.e LCA you can also calculate Carbon, Water or Environmental Footprint indicators adhering to the main international standards. Air.e LCA allows you to measure the environmental impact of products with a user-friendly interface.

Environmental consultancy

Life Cycle Assessment, Environmental Product Declarations and Carbon and Water Footprint calculation are examples of the services our enviromental experts can give you.

TECH consultancy

Our tech team can develop customised software solutions for your environmental, broadcasting or industrial projects.


We develop customised e-learning platforms and training material. We also offer advanced courses on sustainability located on our own e-learning platform



Environmental Footprint analysis and LCA software development for road maintenance projects.

The REPARA 2.0 project promoted by the I+D CDTi centre is focuses on finding new materials and techniques related to road maintenance projects. Solid Forest is in charge of calculating and analysing the environmental impacts of new materials and tehcniques through the Life Cycle Assessment and the Environmental Footprint calculation using the ILCD regulation. Another project goal entrusted to Solid Forest is to develop a new software tool for sustainability analysis in road maintenance works.

Website of the project

Proyecto MDL en Lukovo

MDL Macedonia Rep.

MDL project in Macedonia

Servicio de Atención al Cliente

SOS customer platform

App and web tools for customer satisfaction measuring

La huella de carbono como ventaja competitiva

RED DE REDES project

Carbon Footprint calculation and training

Ingeniería audiovisual en procesos industriales

Solid EYE

Development of a new audiovisual control system for ARCELOR rolling mill

Some of our customers:

Software for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Carbon Footprint

If you want to carry out a Life Cycle Assessment or a Carbon Footprint calculation for a product or company professionally you will need a powerful software tool like Air.e LCA Air.e LCA willl help you calculate environmental impacts asociated with the LCA of a product and show the conclusions in a highly atractive and verifiable way.

Interfaz Air.e

Air.e HdC

  • Leading Carbon Footprint software for products, services an companies.

Air.e LCA

  • Air.e LCA is the evolution of Air.e HdC to cary out Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Footprint analysis.
  • Get a complete view of the environmental impacts of products adhering to the most important methodologies related to LCA.

  • 2009
  • Air.e
    Version 1.0
  • 2011
  • First
    100 users
  • 2013
  • Air.e HdC is
    a standard
  • 2014
  • Air.e LCA
    the complete LCA
  • 2019