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Who we are

Solid Forest was founded in 2009. We wanted to apply our tech knowledge and experience in the implementation of sutainability projects. We carry out our work along two lines of action: technical and environmental consultancy, applying our ability to develop strong and reliable software solutions. This double profile gives us the possibility to implement our Life Cycle Assessmnet software Air.e LCA and other customized software solutions.

  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and environmental performance analysis
  • Customized software development
  • Environment, Broadcasting, Industry and Training
  • Corporate social responsibility and environmental impact calculation

How we work


Innovation is at the heart of Solid Forest, thus we were awarded by the Ministry of Economy and Industry of Spain with the INNOVATIVE SME label.

Besides the continued innovation in the development of our software solutions like Air.e, we participate in different Research, Development and Innovation proyects, such as Project REPARA 2.0 for the development of new technologies for sustainable rehabilitation of road asphalt pavements, or Project Mosoex, for the increase of organic matter in soils and sustainable management of extensive systems.

Innovative SME label


The quality of our work and our commitment with sustainability are the trademarks our customers can identify us with. At Solid Forest, we calculate our Carbon Footprint every year and follow our emissions reduction plans. Our company is included in the Spanish Carbon Footprint Registry mantained by the Spanish Climate Change Office.

To ensure the best quality in our projects, Solid Forest works under the UNE-EN-ISO 9001 qualilty standard certified by OCA CERT.

Carbon Footprint and ISO 9001 labels

  • 1. Analysis

  • 2. Engineering

  • 3. Development

  • 4. Implementation

Our experience

Since 2009 Solid Forest has conducted big project with an international scope collaborating with public and private institutions. Working on the design and ingineering or implementación de proyectos que supongan la integración de múltiples plataformas y tareas.

In the field of sustainability we find synergies between new technologies and environmental care projects. We manage long-range projects, for example developing a new software platform for TBC control in Arcelor Mittal, or the largest study in Spain about carbon Footprint and life-cycle assessment in the food sector. We have successfully carried out projects in countries like Argentina, Holland and Rwuanda,                      Honduras or Macedonia.

Our projects

Projects in Spain 64%
International projects 36%
Consultancy and engineering 56%
Software development 44%