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Some of our work


Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Footprint calculation for PVC-O pipes.

Molecor was one of the first companies to specialise in molecular orientation during pipe manufacturing process. Solid Forest has developed Life Cycle Assessment for Molecor PVC-O pipes. Molecor is also one of the users of our Air.e LCA software so they can easily carry out their own LCA.

Environmental Footprint report

Proyecto huella ambiental Molecor

FVS Environmental Footprint

Study and certification of the environmental footprint for products and organisations.

the project´s website


Environmental Footprint analysis and LCA software development for road maintenance projects.

The REPARA 2.0 project promoted by the I+D CDTi centre is focuses on finding new materials and techniques related to road maintenance projects. Solid Forest is in charge of calculating and analysing the environmental impacts of new materials and tehcniques through the Life Cycle Assessment and the Environmental Footprint calculation using the ILCD regulation Another project goal entrusted to Solid Forest is to develope a new software tool for sustainability analysis in road maintenance works.

REPARA 2.0 website

Proyecto Repara 2.0


LCA of road maintenance works

Project website

State-of-the-art in Carbon Footprints in agriculture

Carbon Footprint state-of-the-art analysis in agriculture (environmental policy inplications).

The ACODEA Foundation, the leading agricultural development and cooperation agency in Spanish-speaking countries, wanted us to be in charge of developing this meta-study to get a global view of the state-of-the-art of carbon footprint studies in Spain. The actions to be implemented to mitigate Greenhouse Gas Emissions were also analysed. We found opportunities and actions to be implemented in the agricultural sector.


Proyecto Huella Ambiental Acodea


Report and summary of Carbon Footprint studies carried out in the agricultural sector in Spain

Link to the ACODEA report.

  • Testimonio Cliente Arcelor

    Solid Forest helped us to improve our facility by developing its SolidEye Suite to capture and use video in environments and industrial processes in an automated way, not only in the offline analysis for accuracy and excellent quality of acquisition, but also in the online support decisions thanks to the rapid repetition of certain events. Air.e LCA software is the best solution for LCA analysis, but the human team behind it is even better. It is particularly dynamic and agile in its response, fully customer- and results-oriented, and exceptionally involved in the teamwork with our technicians who make solutions not only in real time but with a guarantee of total success.

    Pablo Quiroga, Rail Mill Manager ArcelorMittal
  • Testimonio Cliente Fademur

    Few initiatives such as Solid Forest’s can combine technology and environmental care so effectively, combating climate change and other environmental impacts. The Solid Forest team’s professionalism helped us enormously to successfully carry out our analysis, dissemination and training project in carbon footprints and in the sustainable agricultural products chain.

    Nieves Alonso, Rural Women’s Federation of Associations

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