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Some of our work

Gullón Cookies

Carbon Footprint calculation of the biggest cookie factory in the word.

Following the interantional methodology ISO 14064-1:2012 we developed the GH emmissions inventory of all of the instalations and factories of the Gullón company group. The Carbon Footprint was cetificated by AENOR. Grupo Gullón is the biggest bakery company in Europa and a very important food company in Spain. The company was founded in 1892 and since then has experienced exponential growth. We also prepared the emmission reduction plan for the company as part of the project.

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Proyecto Huella de Carbono Gullón

Gullón Cookies

GHG Inventory

ISO 14064-1:2012 standard

Solid Eye

Development and instalation of a new monitoring system in Arcelor Mittal´s Hot Strip Mill in Aviles.

Our customer Arcelor Mittal wanted to improve the quality of its rolls in the Hot Strip Mill in their factory in the Aviles region. That is why we developed the new software solution Solid Eye. The new software controls 24 cameras located in hot spots throughout the Hot Strip Mill. We gave Arcelor Mittal a turnkey solution taking care of the planimetrics, development, equipment supply and the setting up of the new system. The cameras are triggered by orders from the central processing computer, with the videos shown in real time at workstations located in the control pulpits . The recorded material is catalogued in a central server for subsequent monitoring of the images and videos for later supervision. During recording metadata is added to the videos an images: job number, roll number, date and type of incidence if any.

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Proyecto Tren de laminación Arcelor Mittal

Solid EYE

Development of a new monitoring system

Management of video, matadata and slow motion

Integration with Arcelor´s back office system, video and photo cameras

Rep. of Macedonia CDM

Management of a Clean Development Mechanism.

Acciona Engineering and the company Elem from Macedonia wanted Solid Forest to ensure the full and effective implementation of the MDL project “Dam Lukovo Pole and Intake of Korab Waters” under the MDL schema. Because of the innovative increases in the power of the hydroelectric plant it was neccesary to work very close to the CDM of the UNFCCC executive to achieve a methodological adaptation of the current evaluation methods.

referencia en el World Bank

Proyecto MDL Macedonia

Rep. Macedonia CDM

Drafting and monitoring of a CDM project

  • Testimonio Cliente Arcelor

    Solid Forest helped us to improve our facility by developing its SolidEye Suite to capture and use video in environments and industrial processes in an automated way, not only in the offline analysis for accuracy and excellent quality of acquisition, but also in the online support decisions thanks to the rapid repetition of certain events. Air.e LCA software is the best solution for LCA analysis, but the human team behind it is even better. It is particularly dynamic and agile in its response, fully customer- and results-oriented, and exceptionally involved in the teamwork with our technicians who make solutions not only in real time but with a guarantee of total success.

    Pablo Quiroga, Rail Mill Manager ArcelorMittal
  • Testimonio Cliente Fademur

    Few initiatives such as Solid Forest’s can combine technology and environmental care so effectively, combating climate change and other environmental impacts. The Solid Forest team’s professionalism helped us enormously to successfully carry out our analysis, dissemination and training project in carbon footprints and in the sustainable agricultural products chain.

    Nieves Alonso, Rural Women’s Federation of Associations

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