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Some of our work


New sustainability seal.

Solid Forest defined the methodology of the new sustainability seal EnergCO2 created by Energcocina Fundation. This organization works to encourage sutainable practices in catering services, hotels and restaurants. Solid Forest designed the rules that define the new seal and the operation manual adhering to ISO 14021 and ISO 14040 normatives. These project included the calculation of 20 Carbon Footprints of products and services from companies members of Energcocina Foundation.

foundation website

Proyecto Energcocina EnergCO2

EnergCO2 seal

Methodology definition

Adhering to ISO 14021 normative

Carbon Footprint calculation of 20 products and services

Rural Open Schooling

Open source e-learning platform

RUDIR in a net of empowering organization of the rural world. This fundation belongs to "Unión de Pequeños Agricultores y Ganaderos". This on-line invigoration portal included a new e-learning platform sized to manage a large number of students and courses. The system was developed using an Open Source strategy to obtain a flexible e-learning platform. compatible with LMS and SCORM standards. For this platform Solid Forest drafted four courses on sustainability practices in the rural world.

e-learning platform

Proyecto Rudir

UPA e-learning platform

SCORM e-learning platform

Training contents drafting

Pink Cow

An eco-designed soft drink.

Pink Cow soft drink manufacturers wanted to emphasize the sustainability matters of the new drink from the initial design. Solid Forest was involved from the inicial phases in the new soft drink creation to ensure eco-design parameters were taken into account. We designed the potencial Life Cycle Assessment of the new product to identify critical point in the environmental performance. The result of these collaboration is the new soft drink "Pink Cow"

product web site

Proyecto PinkCow



Product Carbon Footprint

  • Testimonio Cliente Arcelor

    Solid Forest helped us to improve our facility by developing its SolidEye Suite to capture and use video in environments and industrial processes in an automated way, not only in the offline analysis for accuracy and excellent quality of acquisition, but also in the online support decisions thanks to the rapid repetition of certain events. Air.e LCA software is the best solution for LCA analysis, but the human team behind it is even better. It is particularly dynamic and agile in its response, fully customer- and results-oriented, and exceptionally involved in the teamwork with our technicians who make solutions not only in real time but with a guarantee of total success.

    Pablo Quiroga, Rail Mill Manager ArcelorMittal
  • Testimonio Cliente Fademur

    Few initiatives such as Solid Forest’s can combine technology and environmental care so effectively, combating climate change and other environmental impacts. The Solid Forest team’s professionalism helped us enormously to successfully carry out our analysis, dissemination and training project in carbon footprints and in the sustainable agricultural products chain.

    Nieves Alonso, Rural Women’s Federation of Associations

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