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Key functions

Air.e LCA allows you to design Life Cycles for any kind of product or organization. Designing complex LCA with Air.e LCA is quite easy.

Air.e HdC focuses on GHG emissions and Carbon Footprint calculation following different international methodologies.

Air.e LCA shows you the environmental impact values in the LCA all the time, using different methodologies and without calculating standsby periods

Powerful graphic interface for Life Cycle design.

Automatic reports generated with graphics and comparative tables.

Real-time calculation of environmental impact values.

Online version with cloud services for collaborative and multi-user projects.

Integrations with multiple databases and methodologies: ILCD, Ecoinvent 3.3, IDAE, DEFRA o GHG Protocol.

Monthly automatic updates of emision factors and new software functionalities.

Automatic unit conversion, power, gas, consumption of materials...

XML file format for import and export functions.

Cost/profit analysis and emissions compensation.

Life Cycles nesting and environments simulation tools.

Air.e LCA works with the methodologies:ILCD, CML 2001, ReCiPe, ISO 1464, ISO 1467, PAS 2050, ISO 14046 and Water Footprint Standard.

Air.e LCA includes ECOINVENT 3.3 and ELCD data bases.

Air.e LCA includes weighting and normalization tools

Ecoinvent, what is it?