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GH Emissions calculation

Combat climate change

Even when the climate change is something almost inevitable, it is still possible to reduce the severity of the effects with joint actions to reduce greenhouse gases emissions. The first step to reduce GHG emissions is to quantify them.

Air.e HdC is our software solution for Carbon Footprint calculation and GHG emissiones quantification for products, services and companies.

Air.e HdC is the software tool used by hundres of companies in Spain and South America for profesional Carbon Footprint calculation. Many of these calculations have been verified by certifying agencies. . Air.e Hd includes the most important international normatives (ISO 14064, ISO 14067, GHG Protocol and PAS 2050).

For professional environmental consultants, Air.e HdC makes the different from competitors. With the possibility to generate complex and clear reports Air.e HdC gives to the Carbon Footprint analysis multiple added values.

Calcular la Huella de Carbono con Air.e HdC

Agility and efficiency


Air.e HdC has a user friendly and powerful interface for LCA modeling. Air.e HdC works with LCA versions management, nested LCA, co-products, carbon sinks, import and exports features...

Air.e HdC includes a powerful relational database with datasets designed specifically for environmental or carbon Footprint calculation. We have designed powerful searching tools taking advantage of the relational data base structure.


It is not possible the Llife Cycle Assessment if we do not have an exhaustive data base with characterization factors. For Carbon Footprint calculation Solid Forest and Air.e HdC users have gather hundreds of emission factors from international sources like OECC, IDAE or DEFRA o GHG Protocol.

In Air.e HdC it is possible to include new emission factors in the data base very easily, you can also update the existing datasets with your own information.


Impacts calculation in Air.e HdC is real time. Air.e HdC has te most powerful calculation engine of all carbon Footprint calculators in the market, the Carbon Footprint value os the LCA is always shown on scrren un der different methodologies.

The Carbon Footprint value is recalculated every time the user makes a change in the LCA in a very fast way.

Software Huella de Carbono