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Air.e LCA - Multiple Environmental Impacts Calculation

Air.e LCA is integrated with Ecoinvent and Agri-footprint databases and includes all the professional funcionalities you need to carry out a LCA, with a very competitive price and a fast learning curve. You will be able to develope a sustainable product portfolio to build up a competitive advantage and increase revenue. Air.e LCA is our software solution for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), enabling you to differentiate your products with sustainability credentials. Air.e LCA includes the Environmental Footprint methodology promoted by the European Commission, create Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and Eco-design, and calculates the Carbon Footprint, Water Footprint of products and organisations.

Análisis de ciclo de vida

Air.e HdC - Carbon Footprint Calculation

Air.e HdC is the most helpful tool you can use to implement a Carbon Footprint calculation professionally by analyzing the GHG emissions related to productos, services, events and organizations. Air.e HdC (special prices for Universities and Inventigation Institutions) includes the international methodologies ISO 14040, PAS 2050 and the GHG Protocol, ISO 14064, ISO 14067 e ISO 14069. Air.e LCA guides users through each task with minimum fuss so you can be sure the results camply with the rules and regulations.

Carbon footprint

  • Life Cycle Assessment

  • Software in the cloud

  • Powerful Database

  • Automated Reports


Powerful graphic interface for Life Cycle design

Automatic reports generated for verification with graphics and comparative tables

Online version in the cloud for collaborative work

Automatic units conversions, fuels, materials and energy consumptions units calculation

Import and export functions with XML files format

Cost/benefit analysis and emmissions compensation

Tools for assessment using simulation and versions of the Life Cycles

Air.e LCA inludes the ILCD, CML 2001, ReCiPe, ISO 14064, ISO 14067, PAS 2050, ISO 14046 and Water Footprint standards

Air.e LCA includes Ecoinvent 3.5, Agri-footprint and ELCD international databases

Weighting and normalization tools


Software Análisis de Ciclo de Vida

Software launch

Login screen

Software Huella de Carbono

Element types


Huella Ambiental de Productos


Raw materials section

Huella Ambiental de organizaciones


Graphic reports

Presentation of reports and results

One of the main goals in Life Cycle Assessment is to identify supply chain hotspots including materials and processes of concern to mitigate risk, by analysisng only one environmental impact such as the Carbon Footprint or many others like the Environmental Footprint or eco-design
This video from one of or clients is an example of how to comunicate Carbon Footprint results, the Main Post Office of Argentina, is an Air.e LCA user and calculated the GHG emissions of sending a letter compared to a printed email: