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Some of our clients

Air.e HdC is the most often software tool in Spain and Latin America for professional carbon Footprint calculation. Air.e LCA gives to our customers all the features they need for a full Life Cycle Assessment with fast calculations and an ease to use interface. From the analysis of the Environmental Footprint, to Carbon Footprint or water Footprint, the sustainability study can be executed over all kind of businesses or products.

These are some of the companies that use Air.e LCA:

Industrial and services sectors:
Arcelor Mittal Ferrovial Asociación de Empresas de Correos de la República Argentina
Alfil Logistics Drace Grupo Clece
Consulting and tech services:
Neiker Tecnalia Grupo Typsa Orbere Sostenalia
Ciemat SNV Grupo SOIL
Agricultural sector:
Pronaca Galletas Gullón Centro Tecnológico de la Carne
Formagrupo Instituto Superior de Medio Ambiente Ambientum Formación